90 Days from Coral Club

So, what new cult have you joined now?

Nana as always were excited to make fun of me.

No cult so far.

The word cult has appeared in her vocabulary after I joined yoga and tried to teach her several asanas. Not that she is a conservative person trusting milk for calcium source or believing into almighty power of pills and doctor’s prescriptions. She believes into all the extra things available. We learned to call it alternative medicine. She calls it my body knows better.

Since I have no medical background, just the knowledge of how the body is constructed and tons of literature on how it works, I never fight with her on any topic given. I share my experience, she usually discards it first and then warms up to it later. So I bet my fortune on that she has already tried handstand.

You know, better than an 80 years old grandma is expected. I am into a new thing!

You..new thing?

Never mock a quite experienced lady. (she never uses the word old)

Was not even trying.

I am on 90 Days Program from Coral club.

On whaaaat?? You were telling me to never get enticed into marketing sharks who just need my money and health is out of the matter. Then I told you about how great Coral Detox was and you simply call me brainwashed poor little thing.

Coral Club was not new for me, I have already tried certain things (Colo Vada, Coral Detox) enjoyed them a lot and was researching information about the use of their other products.

Yes, my new boyfriend has recommended it?

Your who?

B-O-Y-F-R-I-E-N-D...you might benefit from this program too, since it probably can be strong enough to improve your hearing. And he also has a beautiful grandson, that’s why I am going to arrange a double date for us.

Honestly I have reached certain stage in my life, where I am more interested in improving my health, since I have stopped believing that make up can keep me beautiful for no longer. Apparently the whole beauty thing emerges from the inside.Therefore I redirected our conversation back to 90 Days Program.

So, when I was suggesting to try something, you considered me to be not quite reliable source of trust, though you have seen the improvements.

Chill, young lady. I simply thought it was a coincidence. But now I know It causes miracles…

After I have turned into a Talk show host and got to interview the lady who experienced miracles.

Things I have learned

90 Days Program is developed to improve your health in the whole. Being young and full of energy gives us wrong vision of how things are going to be further down the line. What is meant here is that we would possess it for forever. Believing into its eternal potential we disregard proper healthcare. However, the concept wasn’t really interpreted right. We are given strong health from the very beginning and the rest is up to us, whether we keep it right or worsen it one year at a time.

Sooner or later the overall conditions of our bodies move from excellent to more or less satisfying. We get to feel depressed, tired, aches of different sorts started accompanying us through our daily living. To get temporary fix we rush to the internet, find medicine and start "healing" process. We get lucky if we guessed the problem right and the medicine is not of questionable quality. Unfortunately we do not rush to the doctor. And if we do, the piece of advice like "First you should work with...and only then…" No-no-no, process that takes time, does not interest us. We need fast magical pill since we have to be back to our hectic lives as quickly as possible. Our career with its never ending projects and constant deadlines is worthy of saving and our health - base for happy and solid life is being pretty much ignored.

Our bodies and minds are being so neglected...Look at the shelves in the pharmacies. It is crammed with all kinds of cures, you name the problem and the solution is there. No one gets interested to explain the importance of approaching the problem from the whole body, not divided into units. Everything is interconnected. If there is an issue in some part, its roots are dangled somewhere else. But no one is going to pay decent attention to that, since the shelves must get emptied and new treatment must arrive and settle there.

By no means I am disregarding the importance of pharmacies or the doctors’ prescriptions. However sometimes it is more business-oriented, rather than directed towards healing ones and for all.

90 Days Program from Coral Club is aimed at healing your overall body, positively influencing pretty much every system. The matter is that its main purpose to detoxify and cleanse your body from all the toxins and junk. Next step is to provide every cell with proper nutrition, that actually gets to it. Unfortunately, organs do suffer from all the unnecessary things that enter our body from all the low quality food crammed with chemicals and from the environment that is choked with all sorts of fumes.

Grandma lived extremely healthy life. Home cooked meals, homegrown vegetables, soups and pizza... made of cauliflower. However, no one is insured and, believe it or not, spring cleaning is needed...and not only in spring. I have decided to become next in order to experience that magic my nana was talking about.

The 90 Days Program has for stages

  • Preparation
  • Cleansing
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery


This stage starts with very well known to me Coral Detox. Its components such as Assimilator (natural ferments plus Vitamins A and D), H - 500 (natural antioxidant that prevents cells to get oxidized and keep them at full potential), Coral Mine (added to your water causes miracles for your water salt balance and favors mineral enrichment of the organism), Coral Lethitin (your liver, kidneys, will say thank you, since this product is responsible for improving metabolism of fats in it).

At the stage you might wanna consider taking Coral Alfalfa, since it’s a superfood, filled with nutrients for our cells. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory product, capable to perform cleansing functions.

Also it is highly recommended to undertake antiparasitic course before and after the first stage of the 90 Days Program. You can have a look Parafight, or Black Walnut Leaf and Cascara Sagrada. These products are proved to free your body from parasites and helminths.


Cleansing stage is run by Colo Vada. I have tried it before and its results are worth trying and starving (sort of).


  • Daily Delicious - protein shake, full of vitamins and macroelements. Natural, yummy and no chance to make you fat.
  • Coral Alfalfa - joy for your digestive system.
  • Omega 3/60 - healthy membranes of your cells.
  • Coral Lecithin - endocrine system and digestive system (natural fats) will benefit from this product.


You’ve done great job. Now your body needs some sensitive care as a reward for being so patient with all the changes.

  • Pack of Life (Coral Mine, Activin, Assimilator) provide with necessary amount of calcium and maintain quality drinking regime
  • Mega Acidophilus - balance metabolism
  • Silver Max - immune system boost
  • H-500 - prevention from cell oxidation

Before you decide to take on this journey you must be sure in your health conditions. Consult your doctor, announcing the composition of the things you are going to take. I am sure you are responsible and quite aware of your organism’s peculiarities, however your healthcare provider may help you to better correct things that you can take. If you underwent through some surgery, or experience exacerbation of chronic diseases, your body will not be strong enough yet. Therefore, first you have to improve that.

Please make sure to get a professional opinion in order to protect yourself from some allergies, to be sure that the components will do good instead of harming you!

Thomas Jefferson once said, Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits. I would suggest to concentrate on health and the rest will attach. In the world full of knowledge you are capable of choosing your ways of doing that. 90 Days Program from Coral Club worked for me.

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