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Greetings to all,

My name is Victoria and this blog is the result of my personal transformation on certain levels: spiritual, emotional and, definitely, physical. The moment good thing happens in one’s life, I mean like useful good, there is a natural desire to share, since probably it might work well for somebody else. I know there is no one size fits all, however some recommendations claim to be generally beneficial for the improvement of life quality.

Victoria Coral Club

Unfortunately, in most cases, transformations tend to occur the moment some crucial event crushes the established routine and makes us rethink usual habits and behaviors. Same happened to me.  I had an experience of spending the week in the most horrible place in the world  - Hospital for patients with all sorts of cancers. I was not the patient. My mom was the one to go through all the horrors physically and emotionally. I was suffering on the emotional part. All the amount of sick people there  simply scared me. Different ages of patients do not give you any guarantees that you should not worry about cancer  when you are still relatively young. It doesn’t involve in agism and has mercy for nobody. 

My “childish understanding” of cancer is that “your body is not happy with how you live and what you eat”. Therefore cells start to mutate and divide faster than it is expected. Although, there is much stronger scientific explanation of that, I got the gist y way  and focused my attention on it. Then there came such terms as “ free radicals”, “toxins”, “inflammation”, “oxidation”, “ acid pH”. I have heard about them before and knew that  they exist. Also, I kept understanding that these concepts do not mean anything good. Eventually I would become an expert of how exactly damaging they are and how to prevent and weaken them.

After mom’s case, I was, first of all scared, since I was in the risk group, genetically speaking. Second thing - I was determined to never ever find myself to be in that place again. I know, “Never say never”, but at least I promised myself to do everything possible and make every single effort to keep myself healthy, sane and prevent my cells from mutation.

I started educating myself again. Biology course at school does not give enough. However, present day reality is impressively rich with all the sources of information of all the healthy practices possible ( trustworthy,verified sources). I am not degrading the importance of medical system and its ability to perform miracles and save people’s lives. After all, it’s the qualified specialists who saved my mom. I am more talking mostly about prevention, of all the measures existing that can have a potential to spare us a chance of not having problems that will lead us directly to the hospital. Taking care of ourselves, knowing how the body works and what its the most important needs might be the key to maintain our health on the decent level throughout our life.

From what I learned I knew I had to reconsider my eating, drinking ( I mean more water rather than double lattes),  and thinking habits. Before I started following my new principles, I tried to learn  about my body peculiarities,  for example I already knew that  with my digestive system celery fresh juice would bring harm instead of cure. However, to know more I did some health check ups, including profound blood screening. After, basing on information received, I started implementing changes gradually, in order to avoid overwhelming my body with extra stress...you never know how it will protect itself. 

Things were going fine...but. There is always this tiny annoying word ”but”. Sometimes our daily routine does not all the time allow to follow immaculate regime. Some days are  like total disaster and the meals are way far from having nutritious value. That is why I decided to try something that will enhance my new life philosophy - high quality supplements. Those that will add up nutrients to the food I make, will keep my stress levels under control, will let my body detox naturally and in general improve the work of  the systems and organs.

I gasped, when I saw how many of those are presented  on the market. So, the new research was coming. I started reading, rereading, learning, comparing, analyzing, checking the reviews and testimonials, looking through credentials and the credit of trust. Before I settled on Coral Club products, I tried a lot of others. However, trying products from this company I could really see that they work, as long as you follow the instructions and do not exhaust your budget ( let’s be honest - it also matters).

Coral Club produces high quality products from natural materials. They are manufactured in the alignment of the cutting edge technologies in the sphere of alternative medicine. Coral Club’s aim is to help to improve and maintain strong health and balance of the precious human body. I love this company’s philosophy : to water, cleanse, nourish and protect the cells. I started following these truths before I have discovered them. And, after all, my whole journey has started with the concern of cells’ health.

Health to all,

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