Coral Detox And Detox Plus, shall we?

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Coral Detox And Detox Plus, shall we?

I just see that something is wrong with you...

You have got to try some detox, my beautiful friend told me while having some coffee, actually some macho latte, or matcha latte. I can't really define.

Hello to you too, I replied, feeling a bit irritated, “Things are not bad, thank you for asking.

Well, sorry, I just immediately see that something is wrong with you — dark circles highlight your eyes, a rash like a teenager would have, and God knows you are already thir...

Okay, okay...Do not finish this sentence...I just have a seasonal cold, it will leave me soon and the picture will get better.

Here we go, your cold comes from the overall mess in you body. Your body virtually cries for freedom from all the harm and junk inside of you.

What do you call that?..

She certainly looked fresh and healthy, exactly like a girl on instagram with filters on. Only my friend didn’t have any, there wasn’t even a bit of makeup on her... She just had a healthy look, clean skin and sat, wearing T-shirt on a frosty January day. She did not feel cold, as if it was summer. Blood circulation worked at a decent level. Maybe I should take her suggestion into account.

What do you call that? — A Detox? I thought.

I could care less...

In general, my attitude towards detox is somewhere in between being sarcastic and sceptical. Sadly enough it does not go further. Since school I remember that the body has its own natural mechanism of cleansing and removal of toxins.

Although if you pay attention to how our day looks like, poor quality of food we consume, how we sacrifice our sleep on the altar of additional working time. Maybe even without much understanding we practise I could care less approach. Our priorities are quite mixed. At the same time, there is a hope that the body will take care of itself, not really bothering us.

And it does...till certain time, though.

OUR responsibility...

When we do not provide it with decent care and love, then any mechanism will fail. What is the next step? The body will be fixed with all the possible medicine we searched about in the Internet, without consulting specialists, which really worsen the situation. This way we have not healed our precious body, we have provided some light makeup, that disguises all the wrongs and moved on to the next portion of all sorts of unpleasantries, so to speak. After we meet our perfect friend and she recognizes all those wrongs of our body. SHE DOES. However this is OUR responsibility, as of major health guardians.

Two opposing camps...

Furrowing the vast expanses of the Internet, I understood that only the lazy one did not raise the topic of detox. Immediately I came across two opposing camps. The first one claims that no one will get to survive if the detox does not start leading us towards healthier future. The other one advocates for "common sense" and abstinence from the tricks of diabolical marketing, since detox is nothing but the family budget squandering. Moreover it undermines health without ever going back to normal. Quite scary.

...And mindfulness...

There was also a third group of like-minded people. They are calmer, less radical and, as it seemed to me, vote for balance and mindfulness: detox is needed, but not too often and performed in a very smart way; we should eat clean, but without fanaticism; sport is important, but only for joy, etc. I clung to them and there I found one interesting product.It has been discussed and praised hugely.

Meet, please, Coral Detox from Coral Club.

Something so convenient, understandable, simple and high-quality...

Being a person slightly lazy by nature, I needed something so convenient, understandable, simple and high-quality, no less. I didn’t want to create a program myself, since I learned to trust professionals. I definitely was not planning to look for the necessary herbs, searching for them in the deep dark wood when the moon is full. Reading the messages of Buddhist monks, was not on the menu as well. Though I respect them for their work and asceticism and reproach myself for not reaching that similar level even close. I appreciate when, everything you need is collected, thought out, explained and served to me with clear-cut instructions to follow.

On my authority...

Not having any acute health problems, I, on my authority, started taking this product. For the rest of those reading this information, I highly recommend consulting with your family doctor to know for sure whether you are compatible with each other (with program I mean).

What is this Coral Detox?

Coral Detox is a program consisting of a composition of products aimed at the natural cleansing of the body from toxins. It also helps to strengthen the body's immune system, improves vitality, and of course, takes care of the longevity and quality of our lives.

Too much sweet stuff is said, isn’t it? You would say. Yes...But it is done for a reason.

And the reason is that Coral Detox works closely with the kidneys, liver and intestines. This way, it improves and brings to a more productive level their detox functions that have already been established by nature.

Honestly, when someone mentions the word toxin or slag, my eye involuntarily twitches. Unfortunately, these two ugly words are everywhere and it is impossible to avoid them. But it is possible to neutralize and inflict a crushing blow to internal toxins (endotoxins) and repulse external ones (exotoxins). Coral Detox deals well with it.

What is included in this program?

Coral Mine is a product designed to make your drinking water healthy, yummy and full of quality.

  • Its main tasks are:
  • Beneficial Mineral Enrichment
  • Normalization of the water-salt balance
  • Helps to speed up the removal of water soluble toxins
  • Change PH of water; water becomes negatively charged

H-500 is an antioxidant of natural origin. It is responsible for:

  • Toxin neutralization
  • Improving of physical and mental performance
  • Acceleration of the process of recovery after excessive physical exercises
  • Protection against free radicals

Assimilator is a complex of natural plant-derived enzymes and vitamins A and D. The main task of the complex is to help our body absorb nutrients in a high-quality manner and break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates, minimizing the ingress of toxins into the body.

Coral Lecithin. Lecithin is an organic fat-like compound based on a phospholipid complex. An indispensable helper of our liver. It will also be greeted joyfully by the lungs and brain.

Its main tasks are:

  • Liver cell repair
  • Lowering of bad cholesterol (after all, there is also a good one, do not confuse!)
  • Improving of memory and activating of brain activity
  • Building of cell membranes
  • Neutralization of fat-soluble toxins
  • Protecting cell membranes from toxins

Thanks to the clear and understandable instructions of this product, it is easy to understand what, when and how many.

There is no limit to perfection and this is proved by the Coral Detox Plus program — a more extended version of the above product.

Two products are added to the Coral Detox Plus: Alfalfa and Pentocan.

Alfalfa is a product based on the well-known alfalfa herb that has healing functions:

  • Toning up
  • Improving of vital activity
  • Immunity enhancement
  • Kidney function improvement
  • Saturation of the body with vitamins and macronutrients

Its magic does not end there, but I’d better devote an article to it separately. Actually, the benefits are already noticeable, and if there are additional bonuses, then you will win even more.

Pentocan is a product that is responsible for adjusting the potassium-sodium balance.

Thanks to it:

  • The health of the heart and blood vessels is maintained in good shape.
  • Intracellular metabolism is normal
  • Efficiency and energy resources tend to increase.


This goes without saying that food and regimen are not less crucial. Each organism is epically individual and has its own specific needs. But still, it is no secret that everyone needs a healthy sleep and a good rest. It’s true that there is no one-size-fits-all approach; someone doesn’t eat dairy products, the other one can’t look in the direction of legumes, but we can definitely agree on that there is no benefit from chips and other fast food for anyone. Therefore, it should be excluded completely and not only during taking of Coral Detox and Coral Detox Plus.

Be healthy!

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