Colo Vada Plus – detox program

Stop digging for something that does not exist... You cannot have some magic pill that will save you from all the years of total destruction.
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Colo Vada Plus – detox program

Magic pill

Stop digging for something that does not exist... You cannot have some magic pill that will save you from all the years of total destruction.

Please, let’s not use that strong words. Let’s call it not making my health to be my priority.

You think it sounds better?

At least not that scary.

However, back to the point, stop looking for some panacea. And simply reconsider of how you live.

Thanks, but no thanks. Sometimes we have got to accept the truth. And the truth is... clean and perfect eating along with immaculate lifestyle do not exist. To live we have to work for it, unless I find some cornucopia and then…

You are not taking it seriously, are you?

Look, my lifestyle has some flows and if there is something that might lead me towards the right path I am all for it…

And that something there were!

Praises sang

I have heard a lot about Colo Vada by Coral Club. Honestly, at first I had some mixed feelings about it, since the reviews were different. My brain got the signal to fear all the new things that might bring chaos to our daily orderly life. Therefore, I was concentrating on those that were asking me not to waste my time and money. I would surrender to my mind tricks, howeever there were some buts. Those were the praises sang to the magnificent effect people got to experience it after trying it.

So many men… so many bodies

Well, having learnt, that every organism is unique, I understood that some people may warm up to one thing, others will find their comfort in something else. So many men... so many... bodies. Each body is individual expressing individual needs. Sometimes being ignorant of our health state, we make choices that might not get approved by our healthcare provider. Because of such decisions we hurt ourselves, accusing somebody, but not our personal irresponsibility.

Pondering upon pros and cons of taking this product I have decided to go for it. I read about its components and their promised functions. They seemed to be quite efficient.Due to the description of their natural potential.

Something more profound

The program in general is meant to cleanse your body from all the junky inhabitants that you’ve gained thanks to your food choices and, what else is new, lifestyle choices. According to my body conditions ( poor digestion, grey complexion, covered with all sorts of rashes, hair, feeling jealous of hay, energy levels beating zero line, and don’t even get me started with some extra kilos etc.) , I felt that my colon microbiome-land was inhabited by enemies and healthy bacteria were getting evicted day by day. I knew some food corrections might bring some improvement. However with all the things mentioned above I really needed something more profound. Colo Vada was it.

So, the whole program is divided into three stages.


First one is preparation, which takes 7 days. Over this preparation period you must take set of tablets and capsules from the pack #1. When I saw the amount of them I felt like I would not even need any breakfast or dinner to accompany it with. However it caused no discomfort and the composites have a very mild effect, my body warmed up to it from the first packet.

First pack

  • Altimate - famous complex of vitamins and minerals that proves to be quite efficient in rescuing you from the negative impact of the stress, environment and poor quality food;
  • Vitamin C - immune system booster and antioxidant;
  • Lucerne - is supposed to enrich with minerals, to promote mild diuretic effect and to be the source of chlorophyll for the body;
  • Cascara Sagrada - your bowel movements will definitely benefit from it, since it provides nutritional, stimulating and restoring effect;
  • Herbal Complex No2 - all the components of the set are aimed at enhancing the cleansing effect of the body in general;
  • Black Walnut Leaves - helps to fight against the parasites and contributes to better bile secretion;
  • Super Flora - sort of speaks of themself, - lacto and bifidobacteria in the composition guards your colon microbiome.

This stage is important, since it prepares your body for the next stage, which is cleansing. It helps you enter the stage and go through it without stress and feelings of discomfort.


Over the cleansing stage of the program you have to consume special powder Colo Vada Mix along with the next pack of tablets and capsules.

Second pack is for 4 days and its constituents is pretty much the same. Here we get also Alfalfa - the source of micro and macro elements, contains chlorophyll, help immune system to work at full potential and, of course, performs detox function.

Colo Vada Mix is a powder composed by kaolin (absorbent like substance) , plantain seeds, prunes, lecithin, lemon peel, licorice root extract and natural banana flavoring.

When consuming the powder, you can mix it with water (would be beneficial along with Coral Mine water) or with the juice, freshly squeezed or from the packet (search for less chemicals added).

Being a person who stresses out because of not getting the thing done right. I can reassure you that the instruction that is provided together with the product are clear and easy to follow. Beware that those 4 days of cleansing stage you are not consuming anything but that powder and set of tablets. Therefore, my biggest recommendation is to consult your healthcare provider, so that you know for sure your body can deal with it. And when you are allowed to use it, follow the instructions carefully, they seem easy, but necessary to follow for the most beneficial effect ever.

When you have finished your second stage of cleansing and feel proud of yourself. It is time to present your body with recovery stage.


Gradually, step by step, you reintroduce food to your body. Please, do not start the morning after with a huge, mama-made chocolate cake!

Here, at this stage, you will have your third pack of tablets. It no longer contains Black Walnut Leaves and Herbal Complex No2. However, it gets new product - Digestible, since your digestive system must mildly restore after the cleanse and change of food.

Heal yourself instead of doing harm

Getting ready to get on this Colo Vada journey, make sure to learn about its contraindications, so that you heal yourself instead of doing harm. Also the food recommendations provided are quite essential to follow, since your body should not be stressed and loaded with all the miracles our food industry has invented. Hard physical work is better to be postponed for these two weeks. In general, you do not feel tired, exhausted, or delirious from all the food thoughts. However, it would be useful to stay away from hard physical training or any physical labor. So, no marathon running or adding extra floor to your country house are recommended.

Once again, do not forget to consult your doctor before taking this product for its best effect on your body.

May the health be with us!

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