Assimilator from Coral Club - the facilitator of your digestion

“Enzymes are useful for our digestive tract” - will be enough information for me to pass the biology test. Little I knew then that it would be really essential for my health to demonstrate more interest towards this subject and this particular topic.
Contains 90 Vegetable Capsules
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Assimilator from Coral Club - the facilitator of your digestion

No offense


With our lifestyle and approach to treating our health, we are hardly capable of escaping the digestive enzymes shortage. I do not mean to offend or scare. I am just sharing the information. It may not sound appealing. What is indeed appealing in being gassy, feeling bloated, feeling depressed, looking not our best selves? Right, nothing.

From neutral to pathogenic

It is known that our intestines are inhabited by around five hundred species of microflora. Some of these “inhabitants” are quite of great use for our organism. Meanwhile, the others remain to keep a neutral state...until they are fed with the food those bacteria love.Then the neutral microflora starts multiplying with exceeding speed. Eventually, it turns into the pathogenic microflora, and this one starts posing a danger to our health.

Where does it feed off??

Where do those neutral bacteria get the “food“ from? Our food that was not digested and broken down to the form that can be easily assimilated. It was not broken down due to the deficit of the necessary digestive enzymes. Enzymes are responsible for breaking down the food into nutrients and getting them to be assimilated properly.

Assimilator from Coral CLub

Assimilator from CoralCLub

Being aware of enzymes I am lacking (blood tests have been done and commented on by my healthcare specialist), I was prescribed certain medicine and given useful recommendations. However, I turned to Assimilator from Coral Club (I am myself responsible for making this decision due to my solid trust in the products developed by the Coral Club company). Let’s have a look at some persuasive reasons for my choice.

Plant-based enzymes

Assimilator from Coral, being a fully plant-based, assists in replenishing enzyme shortage without making the body addicted to it and lessening the organism's potential to produce enzymes on its own. Plant-based enzymes help the digestive system to perform at its best, provide efficient assimilation of nutrients, help the blood to get thinner, and contribute to enhanced immunity.

Here is more to the story

  • Better work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Protection from dysbacteriosis;
  • Improvement of the cellular nutrition
  • Destruction of cholesterol plaques;
  • Ease of the anemia conditions;
  • Prevention of the formation of stones in urine and bile;
  • Strengthening of the immune system.

Assimilator’s fields of expertise

Fats breakdown

Lipase - enzyme that breaks down saturated animal fats and helps vitamins A and D get absorbed better.

Carbs breakdown

Amylase - enzymes dwelling in the salivary glands convert starch molecules into soluble sugars.

Cellulose - digests plant fibers (not synthesized by the organism).

Lactase - digests lactose (dairy sugar).

Protein breakdown

Protease - enzymes for breaking proteins down into simple amino acids; do not let the protein remains linger on the intestinal walls.

Papain and Bromelain - transform proteins into the form with easy digestibility.

Vitamins A and D in the composition of the product provide antioxidant and protective action, regulate phosphorus-calcium metabolism, and better the absorption of nutrients.

Assimilator from Coral Club is worth considering for better digestion, upbeat feeling, and gorgeous look.

N.B! Before deciding to go on with the product consult your health specialist so that to know whether your health state permits the usage of Assimilator.

Stay healthy!

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