Ca-Mg complex: peace of mind and overall health boost

Peace of mind, cardiovascular system boost, healthy metabolism, and strong bones are guaranteed by Ca-Mg complex. The health value of these macroelements is immense. Read along to know more.
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Ca-Mg complex: peace of mind and overall health boost

Lately, we all start understanding that health must come on top of all priorities. Unfortunately, some individuals seem to cross the lines of sanity in the pursuit of it. When trying to live a perfectly healthy life ( and we all know perfect does not exist) the stress gets to run the body and develop all sorts of behaviors that have nothing to do with health, even if disguised masterfully ( food relationships get to be influenced the most). It is OK  to eat  food that nourishes, be less involved with less nourishing stuff, to supplement, so that every single micro and macronutrient finds its place in the ladder of health within the body.


ca-mg all healthy

I indeed try to eat healthy, whatever that means PARTICULARLY (fresh veggies are yummy and useful ( do not call healthy) - but my body does not digest them well; that's where the concept of "healthy" gets to be irrelevant  for me. I define health to be a state of mind and body when I am at peace with what I do, how I fell, and how I look. Yet, I also find myself stressing out over "Am I doing healthy enough today?", "Gush that burger is not OK, yet I'am starving", "I did not excersise yesterday, my heart will not be happy and cholesteroll satrt kicking again." This way, I honestly harm myself more than that burger, or skipped cardio.

Also, I may  get quite overwhelmed with all the nutrients our body needs to function properly and get mesmerized at the same time by how valuable every macroelement, vitamin, and mineral is for our greatest feeling and looks. However, when it comes to balancing stuff up in my diet I have done immense research on the most working ways to satiate my body without provoking some severe responses.

Peace of mind and healthy body: ways to achieve

Huge work with breaking harmful mindsets and a Ca-Mg complex from Coral Club are my soothing ways to bring peace to my body and mind. Please, spot, that I am talking here combo, not just taking a pill and be happy to conquer the day.

peace of mind and healthy body

Meditation, journaling, gratitude practice, and focus on all the good stuff are efficient. However it is generally recommended. Your individuality might need something else. I walk...I walk a lot...I ignore gyms and running, however walking is my go-to (no pun intended) when there is wacky pre-storm stuff reaching my mind.

Ca-Mg complex in details

ca-mg complex in details


Obviously, I have known before about the functions of Calcium in the composition of the complex. Healthy bones are always associated with having enough calcium in the skeletal system. What I did not know is that it is as well crucial for:

  • regulation of enzymes produce
  • hormones control
  • improvement of the cellular metabolism
  • proper work of heart
  • the health of the nervous system
  • normalization of vascular tone
  • health of vessels
  • normal blood clotting

It seems like Calcium is much more than just healthy bones. Your body benefits from this element in so many ways that you should never ignore the situations where there is a lack of Calcium happening. Consult your healthcare provider, see if there is a deficiency and work towards replenishing it.


Magnesium (Mg) was a totally new thing for me to learn about. The extent of my knowledge was limited by “ it reduces stress”. This macromineral indeed does. However, there is, of course, more to the story. Coral Magnesium gets to be a proud supporter of cardiovascular health and neuromuscular tissue function.

It, also, as its calcium colleague, contributes to better metabolism. By the way, Mg regulates the balance of calcium and sodium within the body. Also, this macromineral increases physical endurance and stress resilience. Sport-active people will find Mg to be quite helpful for muscle recovery and reenergizing more effectively. Improving the blood flow getting to the brain does not let premature aging happen.

Someone, who is still in doubt, concerning supplements, might find it interesting that magnesium is highly respected by traditional medicine since it is a top antihypertensive and antiarrhythmic agent. Do not get scared with pronunciation. It simply means that it is again a proven companion for a healthy cardiovascular system. It is said that cardiac arrhythmia results from Mg deficiency. Magnesium too maintains blood vessels in a healthy condition, preventing the formation of cholesterol plaques.

Women’s condition, the one we call PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, might ease when there is enough magnesium stored in their body. It results in reduced bloating, less visible mood swings, and breast tenderness free of unpleasant pain.

Perfect diet doesn't exist

For me, personally, the Ca-Mg complex from Coral Club, helped with emotional part and female health, painful period-wise. Maybe there are more benefits, it is hard to tell since I was not suffering from some severe conditions. However, if I get an extra boost for my heart to work better, or my bones get stronger, I will be just happy.

perfect diet doesn't exist

A perfect diet does not exist. To balance all the meals up.. you just have to live for this and do this. Some of the YouTubers, of course, make their living off showing what they eat and how they prep for them. I am so jealous that I did not succeed in it. However, I have not tried. Though I am not talking about that now.

Organic from Coral Club

I use organic Coral Club products because I trust their quality and healing, supportive potential. Rough eating and health journey made me value any extra help I can get. Knowing that with my schedule no way every day there's going to be a macro/micro nutrient-dense plate on my table. Therefore when I reach my Ca-Mg container, or Omega 3/60, or Premium Spirulina, I know I boost the nutritional potential of what God let me have on my plate today, even if it's just gluten-free chickpea pizza in the amount of one slice.

Find the ways that work for you, but be sure to never let yourself loose, when it comes to the most precious thing you own - your health.

N.B! It is highly recommended that you consult your healthcare practitioner before you start taking any product.

Be healthy!

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