Oceanmin - Power Of The Ocean In One Stick

Boost your water intake with Oceanmin from Coral Club and see the benefits for your heart, skeletal system, GI tract, and improved nervous system.
Contains 15 sachets
Manufacturer Taiwan
Oceanmin - Power Of The Ocean In One Stick

I truly don’t buy it when there is a promise of a “win-win rapid weight-loss” program, or a “ grow your hair by twelve inches per year” program. The realistic approach to life and lessons learned in high school :) no longer allow me to join the “community of like-minded”. However, when there is a promise (coming from a high-profile company, recognized and certified on the market) of making me feel more energetic, upbeat, and ready to take on the world (in a good sense, of course) I fall for it and pretty much always... I appear to be both a health winner and a satisfied consumer.

Coral Club never stops making its loyal customers in terms of relevance, quality, and novelties. Every new item on the list comes in handy and serves its purpose. Honestly, I have always believed that I had just one special place in my heart and it belongs to Coral Mine. As much as I appreciate every single product I try (Liposomal series - stop me, somebody, please). Yet, there has arrived a new thing on the block, in my case, on the shelf - meet, please, OCEANMIN.

Let’s Dive Deeper

When the ovations and the applause part are over, let's talk details here.

So, Oceanmin from Coral Club is a composition of ionic minerals being extracted from natural deep-sea waters. It is made by the means of patented technology using seawater that comes from the Pacific Ocean depth (662 meters deep).

The emphasis on SEAWATER comes from the fact that it guarantees exclusive purity and a unique stack of mineral substances. Due to the production technology, the sodium amount is reduced and magnesium takes on the leading mineral power.


Since some areas nutrition-wise keep falling out of my expertise, I had to learn a bit more about what ionic actually means for human beings. To cut it short: ionic minerals are responsible for conducting and generating billions of tiny electrical impulses. Which are crucial for every muscle to be working the way nature has meant it. Being negatively or positively charged, ionic minerals connect with water readily for better assimilation within our organism.

BTW: Deep seawater extraction is totally safe for the environment, being a completely renewable resource.


Let’s have a closer look at all the potential benefits that Oceanmin may add up to the overall well-being.

Therefore, Oceanmin is good for:

  • dealing with fatigue
  • enhancing physical endurance and mental performance
  • stress resilience
  • strength of the cardiovascular system
  • health of bone tissues

So what happens when a product dissolves in water?

Well, minerals from natural salts convert into readily assimilable ionic forms.

After, we get Mg+, K+, N+, Ca+

Should I be getting into details about why they are important? Honestly, learning through the miraculousness that our body is, I always get mesmerized at how important every macro- and microelement is. We have been created perfectly correctly and the balance that mother nature has assigned for us is immaculate. It does not get sad enough on how well we break it. Of course, the circumstances are different, and in most cases, we do not do that on purpose. However, the outcome is quite sad.

coralclub oceanmin

If we manage to interfere with nature's blueprint for our organisms and usually in a way that affects the way we feel and look, then we have to have ways to fix it in terms of our lifestyles (ideally - to change and reconsider priorities, but that would seem to add up to stress we are already living in). Ionic minerals from Oceanmin are one of the ways to fix the damage.

  • Magnesium is your formidable support for a healthy cardiovascular system, improved cognitive functioning, psycho-emotional state, improved relationship with food, proper muscle work, and healthy bones.
  • Potassium and Sodium are minerals, electrolyte-type, that help nerves to do their job and muscles to contract. It provides support for nutrients to reach cells and metabolic products to leave.
  • Calcium - healthy bones and teeth, proper muscle contraction, healthy heart, and co-factor for certain enzymes.

Final Thoughts

Oceanmin from Coral Club is a treasure chest that contains these minerals in the forms that will definitely reach the aim and perform claimed functions to their full potential.

coral club oceanmin

Surely the description above is sort of a short retell of the novel. The sources are bursting with information. Just make sure to opt for the relevant and faithful ones. Seek trust sources and enhance your knowledge in minerals and other body’s basic nutrient needs. You know and feel your body the best. That will help you make the right conclusions and decisions. Do not forget that some of them must be made via your health care practitioner.

I trust the products that I try, but by no means do I insist that my choices are the only choices. I share my experience with the products that I have benefited from, hoping that somebody might find the content interesting, informative, and useful to some extent.

Always choose health, and not short-term solutions.


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