Long for imperfection...

Perfection makes you suffer. It is impossible to reach and yet sometimes we never stop trying. What is the outcome? We get depressed,we give up on the chosen path since we are sure it doesn't work. It doesn't work because somehow we  do not get perfect. The more we seek  it in ourselves and the world around us the more glitches in the system we find. We blame ourselves for not trying even harder and then let the whole idea loose. Ups and downs are based on the false beliefs that perfection is possible. And blessed we be if we make our pеace with the unattainability of the idea. Seeking perfection makes us miss on our life.

Every day we wait for "perfect moment,situation,circumstanse..." and keep postponing life "to actually start living it when the perfect time comes." Then there comes new wave of disappointment and total regret... Regret is the worst. It talks about times that will never be brought back again. And the trick is that the future is not promised as well.

However there is definitely one perfect thing that is available to you already now. It is the day you are living through right now. This moment is already perfect,because you actually  have it. It is already a gift,since others may not be given it at all.What matters is the mindset you choose to run this day. Just be sure to make it smokingly happy for you and not less wonderful for others. 

P.S. Don't you dare think that the day would be greater if you did not have that extra kilo on you.Conquer such thoughts and never nourish your brain with disappointing seeds.

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