Learn to adapt

“There is just so much on my plate…” I finished up my oral letter of complaints to my friend, while we were having “ a lazy coffee”. 

During this ritual we drink our beverage slowly, indulging in its every bit of amazing aroma taste, contemplating a bustling life around, staying present in every second of our meeting. This way we were sort of expanding our spirituality and keeping in touch, since it’s a great deal easy to get lost in such spacious area of responsibilities each of us is blessed to possess.

However year after year our “lazy coffee” was transforming into “crappy day, crappy week, crappy month… coffee”. We were sucked into a circle of constant blaming, complaining and whining. 

“It seems life passes past me and I seem to have enough time for nothing. Every time I try to promise myself some balance and peace in my daily life, ruthless reality is two steps ahead of me and everything turns to be total chaos. You should’ve seen how my morning has been today…” And then I realized that my friend was listening to me carefully, but were not mentally preparing herself to shoot back with her portion of “this day can’t get any worse”. She was relaxed, totally vibrating peace, joy, polite confidence and, of course, happiness. 

“What’s up with your life?” I asked her since that change was very obvious and I wanted to know the root of that.

“ Oh, you know, I am great. Finally I am,” she smiled at me. 

I felt miserable. No, it was not  because of her happiness, but because of me feeling like worn out housewife ( and I actually do have a job) in front of a celebrity. My dear friend felt my confusion and started telling about  her journey. Some time ago she  came back from the life changing, motivational course where  one gorgeous fellow was   explaining how to survive all the to-do lists we have and live a total winner life. That speech was teaching about one and only one thing that can help us live full life and still have our plate full of stuff. The name for this magic is the ability to adapt. 

My friend continued with her big transformational story. My one ear and half of the brain half were listening to her and the other functioning parts were aiming to rush home in order to digest  this information with my full brain potential. 

The thing I got from  was: If you can’t change something you have to accept it … and adjust to it - would be my addition to this famous saying. The knowledge is so simple, yet so vital for better living. We do live in a busy world and let’s face it we do not have as much control of our life as they say we do. 

Sometimes we get so cooped up with all the essential things every day and night ( sometimes) so we simply start giving up on us. The explanation is always one and the same: “ it does not depend on me”, “that happened”, “I did not have time”, “they changed it the last minute” . All is true and things happen. However the trick is that  things always happen. Our task is to find the way to feel the most comfortable in any circumstances we are placed in.

I started mulling over about this morning. There has been a lot I had to deal with and not just by myself - my husband is a great help for me. However I still ended up finishing asana, while blow drying my hair chewing on a toast with some delicious  ham, covered with hair spray. 

Shame on me - things did not just happen, I knew about them beforehand  and yet I managed to mess up great morning. If I thought it all  through I would be able to do some things way before morning, so than I could save some time for mindful yoga and delicious cup of coffee with my husband. 

In about two weeks I am going to face a challenge: I am coming back to work from my vacation. For me this means that  I am going to be super busy with great deal of work. This vacation has  blessed me  with the opportunities to devote a lot of time to my health and hobbies. Soon I am about to be deprived of that, since my schedule is quite tight. Nope, it’s not a negative mindset, it’s an experience based reality.  I can’t change this circumstance for sure and, hopefully, just for now. However now I know about the  tool that can probably come really in handy while filling in my responsibilities and still remembering about the importance of me. 

What I need is a patience and quite diligent approach, since something is telling me I might need to do a lot of planning and develop a lot of strategies, for example how to remain healthy on the way.   I am sure it is just the matter of the beginning, then it will start flowing naturally, providing me with a little bit more control of my daily life.

Afterwards I will be able to share practical results in my future post. Hopefully I will be writing it exactly same relaxed and free as my friend was and still is, actually.

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