Book of complaints

If I could write any book on any topic possible it would be about the art of complaining. The thing is if you are about to start your book you’ve got to be an expert on the topic. And, ohhh, no one is more suitable for the author of such book than I am. 

Since I remember myself I have been complaining. Whining about big things, little things, all sorts of things. My problem was that I sincerely believed that whining will for sure brings me the object I whine about,or it takes it away, in case I did not want it. 

Once I was able to wake up and tell that I know everything about whining. And what I know the best at that point is that whining is never able to bring you any closer to what you are longing for or bring you away from what you are trying to get rid of. No matter how hard you whine things do not budge!

So, here comes my action: How to make whining work. Because I am a persistent girl so I couldn’t give up my life long practice of achieving things ( funny enough that I have never achieved anything due to it). I was searching for books, for any other internet resoursec there are. Nope. Noting has ever showed up. 

“Interesting,” I thought. “Maybe there is something more to that? Or maybe I should consider some other route? I mulled over and then I forgot about the whole thing in general, since I had a lot on my plate to deal with.

However from time to time I have never forgotten to remember to complain and to repeat myself how miserable I am in my miserable life.

Afterwards my guess would be that the destiny decided to intrude. 

I was supposed to have coffee with my friend that I haven’t seen for a long time. She was in town so she asked me out and I agreed. We have known each other very well, always could get along easily and sometimes even could understand each other without words.

The moment I saw her I knew she had changed…not in so great way. The first thing I heard was : “ What a day…I put on this jacket and it’s gotten freaking hot in there. Why did I even bother to try make myself looking nicely, if the nature odds are constantly against me.” 

I opened my mouth as wide as my skin allowed and realized I had a compettion in Pulitzer winning upon the complaining book. She was amazing.I could not hold a candle to her.

She kept on impressing me. She lived in a huge,cozy house and she hated when neighbors do barbeque…the smell is just disgusting. Her husb and has his own prospering business, but the “jerk” is never around. That stupid nanny they hired has no clue how to handle her boys, because of that she can’t have proper afternoon nap. Last travelling to the seaside wanna make her vomit, since that fivestear barn has no idea of cliental service. 

The more she continued the more I started wanting to vomit more. Then she continued complaining about her eyelashes. Eyelashes??? Everyone she knows including me has fluffy ones, hers look like drowned rat. And hair….oh…but she can’t spend her entire life on beauty procedure she runs pretty big household… full of nannies and maids. 

Her wordflow seemed to be neverending and not a single pleasant thing to say. I stopped listening to her and simply left. I mean physically I was still present, but my emotional part left for a beautiful Swiss lake with Milka cow on it. I started thinking that she was my mirror reflection. Although I could not complain about my huge house neighboring with annoying meat eaters, since I could complain about our smart apartment and too boring people around. This was ugly. What she has been doing was utterly ugly. What I have been doing my whole entire life was ugly. I’ve already realized that it didn’t work however I still consider to be OK, because I am a human being not deprived of any human feeling.

Meeting my friend made me wanna be deprived of this one. I did not have any plan to substitute this “working well technique” but I really wanted to stop and move different direction. Direction where people do not want to kill themselves when talking  to me.

While I was deep into my thoughts,Lucy has started shaking my hand, since I was not great deal sympathetic with the fact that she has always been wanting to make something out of her life and yet she has ended up being miserable housewife with golden credit card. Why wasn’t she talented enough to do something that…Here I thought she says “ brings light to the world”,but know her words exact “ that would make my friends die of jealousy. 

Then she desided it’s time to learn something about my life. And I felt an urge to hit her hard with great news from my life. The desire was so strong that I was able to enumerate so much great stuff I was happy about and grateful for that it did surprise myself as well. The feeling was indescribable. The fact that I have  never looked at my life from prospective of gratitude and happiness aboutl al the miracles ( as it appeared to be) mae me realise that I was th one making myself miserable not my life. New prospective gives me abundance, the old one puts me in constant lack. The trick is – I am the one to decide which one will run my world.

Since that very meeting my new journey has begun and up till now I am grateful to Lucy for showing me how great my life is. Next time I met her I aimed at showing hel life’s greaness. However she was not willing to see it that way. It may come to her one day or it may elude her forever – the choice is hers. Everything is always about THE CHOICE.

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